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Aluminium of facilities and Line

1. Smelt and casting production line

Smelt and casting furnaces to produce continous casting coils and two 25mt casters to produce
slabs.with advanced electromagnetic stir and refining system to assure grain size to be grand
1 and hydrogen ≤0.12ml/100gAl,chemical composition as per GB/T3910-1996,ASTM B209,EN573.

2.There are sets of continous casting mills,the specification of CC coil
Alloy:1100/1200/1070/1050/1235/3003/3004/5005/5052/5754/5083 etc.

3. Hot rolling production line

One set of pushing& isotrope heating furnace.
single stand hot rolling mill with advanced flatness and gauge control instruments.
The specification of hot rolled coil:hot rolling.

4. Cold rolling production lines
severals sets of non-reversible col rolling mills with advanced flatness&gauge control instruments the specification of final products,the max trimming thickness on line:2.0mm.max coil weight;7.5mt.OD;1700mm.Max rolling power;1200KN.

5. Anneal furnace & Tumbling Running Machine
Severals sets of 5mt anneal furnaces.
highest furnace tempreture:580 C, highest metal heating tempreture:550C.
tolerence of furnace tempreture:+/-5C, power:844.5KW.

6. Cut-to-length mill and Sliter Workmanship parameter; and 2 Sets 630 Ton Extrusion machine.

7. Two sets of grinders & 11 sets of aluminum circle and Slug punching machine.