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Aluminum Bending Tube


High weather resistance anti scratch anticorrosion and good weather resistance subtle edges and elegant appearance and easy processing and installation high brightness and hardness. So it is widely used in aluminum Window, door, curtain wall, hand railing, normal aluminum profile, decorative and industrial aluminum profile etc.

2-Process :

·Rotary draw bending

· CNC tube bending

· Stretch forming

· Roll bending

· Extrusion supply

· Technical


4-Best Aluminum Alloys for Bending

In addition to pure aluminum (Series 1xxx), Series 3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx are considered best for forming and bending. Within each series the following alloys are considered exceptionally great for bending, for various reasons:

· Series 3003, a non-heat treatable alloy, is a great solution for various applications, as it a relatively strong alloy, has high cold workability, and a high percentage of elongation (25%).

· Series 5052 is another great non-heat treatable alloy to use in bending projects, which is almost as good as Series 3003. It is highly corrosion resistant, is the strongest non-heat treatable alloys, and is has excellent formability.

· Series 6061, a heat treatable alloy that is often used for bending, as it has the potential for high tensile strength as well as a high elongation percentage.

· Series 7xxx and 2xxx series alloys, on the other hand, are not recommended for tube bending projects, as they are the strongest series, which makes them difficult to bend and form.

5-Added Services

To complement our aluminum bending services and give you better value for your money, we offer a variety of secondary services, including:

· Welding

· Piercing

· Sawing

· Drilling

· Grinding

· and more

Sometimes these operations must be performed before rolling the aluminum; at other times they must be performed after. As with all operations, it is best to consult with CMRP regarding the best methods for your unique aluminum bending project.


Aluminum’s corrosion resistance and its high strength-to-weight ratio makes the material popular for a broad spectrum of industries and applications:

Our aluminum bending services can provide circular rings for many applications.

Aluminum is used for components on boats, antennas, transportation equipment, signage, and many other applications.

A number of artists have contracted CMRP to curve aluminum pipe for sculptures and elaborate lighting fixtures.