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Aluminum Profiles

1-Product Description

2-Features of Profiles

· Over 100 different aluminium profiles

· Minimal edge radius (1 mm) for flush connections

· Screw connections for easy reuse

· Anodised surface, no finishing required

· Various end machining options available

3-Chemical Composition (%) Max

4-Surface Treatment :


Aluminum profiles are most commonly used across industrial automation applications such as automated motion applications on process lines and industries throughout manufacturing. They are strong and yet light enough that they yet can be easily man-handled and built into various configurations as necessitated by the automation structure. Outside of the traditional automation applications, structural grade aluminum extrusions are even being specified as part of weight reduction efforts. In this sense, they are increasingly being employed as frames in other end use consumer products such as automobiles and LEED building projects. As more advanced aluminum alloys and surface coating techniques are developed, the uses are expanding into these new areas.


In closing, extrusion aluminum sections are versatile and ideal for use in building automation applications, and aluminum is an excellent structural material which lends itself perfectly for use in profile extrusions. More likely than not, there is an aluminum profile that’s perfectly tailored to the specific automation application.

6-Benefits of aluminum CNC machining

· Machinability

· Corrosion resistance

· Strength-to-weight ratio

· Electrical conductivity

· Anodization potential

· Recyclability

7-QC Testing

NanSen has a complete quality control systerm, from incoming material inspection, product process inspection to final inspection, and strict quality process control management to ensure product quality and traceability.