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Aluminum Slugs

- Product Description :

Aluminum Slug Chemical Properties(%)

Shape: flat,domed,round,oval,column,conical,rectangular,concave


Our slugs are encountered in virtually all industries.

Due to our diversified range of slugs, NANSEN products are present in all branches of industry. On the one hand, we are small enough to maintain our flexibility and adaptability to the exacting demands of our customers and, on the other hand, we are big enough to successfully fulfil larger orders. Through development, innovation and flexibility, we successfully continue to expand the range of our products and serve the requirements of a variety of industries.


· fuel filter casings,

· air-conditioner noise attenuators,

· capacitor and filter casing covers,

· hydraulic filter casings,

· hydraulic hose sleeves,

· air bag system components,

· air-conditioner condensate drier casings,

· capacitor casings,

· parking sensor casings,

· components of motor lifting hydraulic pistons on boats,

· braking system components,

· clutch components,

· propulsion electric motor components


· tubes for pastes and spreads,

· tubes for mayonnaises, mustards, extracts,

· aerosols for direct enhancement of beverages with bubbles,

· aerosols for direct formation of cream,

· packaging for different food supplements (minerals, vitamins etc.),

· decorative external packaging for premium beverages,

· complimentary packaging for sweet surprises or beverages,

· protective packaging for cigars


· packaging for drugs,

· packaging for creams,

· packaging for different sprays,

· aerosols for different sprays,

· decorative external packaging of special, signature designs for perfumes and toilet waters


· capacitor casings and covers,

· housings for smaller fire extinguishers,

· components for doubling coils in the textile industry,

· signalling rocket casings,

· fireworks rocket casings,

· cases for special two-component glues,

· felt pen cases,

· tubes for paints (oil paints, pastel paints),

· tubes for car touch-up paints

-Production Process

1-1070 Aluminum ingot-Smelting

This stage starts by loading furnaces F1th ,F2th with 30MT each of raw aluminum (alloy AA1070, purity 99,7%

2-Continuous casting and hot-cold rolling

The melt is poured into the strip casting wheel, which rotates at a speed of 6 meters/min. A strip of 220 mm wide by 20 mm thick is formed.

3-Cold Lamination/Rolling

which aloud a maximum tolerance 0,05 mm


This stage counts with four stamping presses, In this process we get about 50% of slugs for each Ton of punched strip.

5-Annealing Treatment

With this we obtain a Brinell hardness of 16 a 21 HB.

6-Surface Finish

Surface treatment is sand blasted, vibrated and tumbled

7-Final Inspection

QC department(gauge,mechenical test, surface quality)

8-Selection and Packing

Boxes are marked with customers information

-Company Informations

Nansen Advantages

· Quality: meet European EN570/EN573 standards

· Reputation: We have experience and capacities necessary for solving technical problems of all kinds of aluminum parts.

· Price: management issued low costing

· Guarantee/warranty

· Small orders accepted

· Experienced staff

· Service: 24 hour service customer any question.

· Green product: environmental protection and the conditions of health and safety at work