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Environmental management

The environment is not only the place where we live, but also a place we are an inseparable part of. NanSen has an environmental management system, which is used to manage the impact of our activities on the working and broader environment.

Our goal is to minimise the traces of aluminium production and at the same time establish relations with interested customers. An efficient environmental management system includes all departments of the company:
                          efficient use of materials or building of new buildings, which was especially demonstrated by the project concerning the production extension of primary aluminium.
What is our goal?

We aim for stable development, facilitating constant improvement. This makes us an environmentally friendly company considering of the economic and social aspects of our work. For this purpose we adhere to the ISO  standard, which is a part of the integrated management system; environment, quality and occupational safety and health. We have been successfully meeting the standard since
its inception in 2001.

With its existing strategic orientation and planning for further investments in the company's and environmental development, NanSen proves to be trustworthy, not only for the local environment but above all for its employees, business partners and buyers. NanSen gained the Environmental permit issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, which is further proving that NanSen is heading in the right direction of development

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