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We work with various metals and our die cast aluminum products are specially made to service clients wanting something durable and light weight at the same time. Aluminium products are extensively utilized in the networking and infrastructure divisions of the telecom and computing industry.  Why use aluminum alloys in your infrastructure materials?

  • Has the bearing capacity in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Aluminium die casting gives high level of durability.
  • Corrosion resistance is offered to high standards.
  • Extremely light weight and handy.
  • Good Electrical conductivity
  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Ability to provide rigidity and durability with minimal weight for shields
  • Aluminium die castings are very hard and offer good strength.
  • Thermal conductivity is very good.
Advantages of depending on Nansen :
Die casting of aluminium products is offered at competitive prices.
  • oil pumps
  • transmission transfer cases
  • engine cradles
  • body shell structural elements
  • oil filter mountings and manifolds
  • brake components
  • Pressure tight components for medical equipment
  • Heatsinks for electronics and motor drive controllers
  • Pneumatic, gas and hydraulic valves
  •  Radio communication handset chasses and frame

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