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As evidenced in the Coating Materials section at the start of  NanSen Production line, virtually any type of film-former can be formulated for use on foil, and many are in standard availability and
daily use by the foil converting industry.

End users range from the completely aesthetic eye-catching decorative gift wrap to the most basic, functional and almost unnoticeable transparent coating on a foil package label, employed to protect the printed design from abrasion. And, as in coating everything, whether printing a book cover or painting a yacht, adhesion is the primary, but far from only requirement.
Modern coating materials, discussed early in this chapter, and the converter equipment and techniques to be discussed in this section, combine to satisfy every type of coated aluminum foil end-use requirement.
Aluminum foil is coated with basically the same equipment used for roll-to-roll web coating most other materials. The adhesive applicator stations on foil laminating machines are, of course, coating units. Also, specific foil coating facilities are today often incorporated in foil laminating machines.
Whether arranged in-line or separately, web coaters, like laminators, include unwinds, coating applicator stations of various types, spreader rolls, idler rolls, drying and/or chill-roll section or sections, and rewinds.
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