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Impact extrusion Apply Product :Aluminum slug end used for impact extrusion :bellowing product 

Alu slug for impact extrusion of aluminum collapsible tubes, Aerosol,Can ,Capacitor :Electro-Capacitor,Cosmetic

1).--> Lubricaton:Aluminum slug mix with stearic acid
2).--> Extrusion :impact extrusion by machine
3).--> Cutting and brushing: Cutting top tube edge as design
4).--> Washing:in tank for washing tube both side
5).--> Interior varnishing: tube side varnishing of color
6).--> Polymerization: tube inside treatment
7).--> Printing and over-coating:by outside tube surface
8).--> Kiln drying;into furnace
9).--> Neck by machine
10).--> Package:
11).--> Quality by QC Dept.
12).--> Logistics.

Technical extrusions :

such as parts for filters, petrol pump housings, pressurised containers, cartridges, impellors, push-fit connections, bottles, cans, bushes, sleeve nuts, sensors, capacitor trays, reflectors, airbag and ABS systems, air conditioning technology etc.
 Impact extrusion :Aluminum package

for deodorants, perfume and cosmetics, hair care, pharmaceuticals, foods and household products
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