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Punched or Saw Cut Purity aluminium slug : 

This stage starts by loading furnaces F1th ,F2th with 30MT each of raw aluminum (alloy AA1070, purity 99,7%), which is supplied by world known aluminum producers. Once production cycle is established following Ration will be based on percentages of 30% in-plant scrap and 70% ingots (raw aluminum).. To ensure a consistent metal quality with low oxide levels, the molten aluminum is degassed, refined and filtered before it enters the casting wheel
The melt is poured into the strip casting wheel, which rotates at a speed of 6 meters/min. A strip of220 mmwide by20 mmthick is formed between the grooved periphery of the strip casting wheel and the endless steel belt. The strip casting wheel is water cooled.. Each coil is properly identified with heat number, weight, thickness and then is moved to a natural cooling area. Hot-Cold Rolling time using furnace F1th and F2th is 6-8 hours.
Following, coil’s thickness is reduced accordingly to customers specifications by means of cold rolling. This stage is very important because it is precise to keep a close control on specifications in order to fill international standards norms, which aloud a maximum tolerance 0,05 mm.
This stage counts with four stamping presses, each one has a decoiler where a coil is mounted. Strip is fed into the press, and at the center of it is located the die.. The strip is lubricated while it is being punched. Cut slugs fall on a conveyor belt which takes them into a holding hopper and then into rectangular Mould . Punched strips (scrap) are then cut in pieces which are then compacted before sent back to the furnace. In this process we get about 50% of slugs for each Ton of punched strip.
This stage counts with Five annealing furnaces, electrically controlled. The aim of annealing is to produce a material with minimum strength, maximum ductility and soft temper. slugs are placed inside an annealing furnace and temperature is rise to 520 oC for Four-Six hours, With this we obtain a Brinell hardness of16 a21 HB.
Surface Finish
The surface of the slugs is treated in order to obtain a rough,This is done by placing the slugs inside of mechanically operated gyratory drums. Slugs hit each other hence roughening the surface. Final customer needs this roughness in order to apply a lubricant necessary for cold extrusion.Surface treatment is Tumbling and Shot Blasting.
Selection and Packing
Slugs keep going on the conveyor until they fall inside a carton box which is filled until it reaches25 Kg.

Selection by people no scrap .noburr,no Broken y weighted and identified. Once boxes are marked with customers information, Inside 

Punching and cutting on the most modern equipment available is the first step in production of slugs made of high-strength aluminum alloys for even the most demanding applications.

  • Production Process
  • Smelting
  • Continuous casting and hot-cold rolling
  • Cold Lamination/Rolling
  • Stamping
  • Annealing Treatment

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