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Aluminum tubing is useful for a variety of projects, from boat rails to theatrical props. Although it is possible to buy purpose-built bending machines, the cost often outweighs the convenience. Bending tubing by hand requires an extra investment of time, but minimal additional cost. To ensure the success of your final product, practice a bend on an inexpensive piece of tubing to get the hang of the process.

Within industry, when one thinks about bending aluminum for process piping, one usually thinks of bending round tubing or pipe most often through rotary draw bending.  A pipe or round tube is formed around a die which matches the outside diameter of the pipe and the desired radius.  Pipe bends up to 180 degrees can be formed this way.
But aluminum process piping often involves pipe connections where one pipe intersects with another, and this intersection can require another type of aluminum bending.  To make a connection of one pipe to another, there is a hole cut in one to allow the other to be inserted.  The two pipes can then be welded together.
Grade: 1050,3003,5052,5083,6005,6061,6063,6082 etc.
WT:0.5mm above
Process: heat extrusion, welding, seamless

Products:Round pipe,square tube,flat pipe,special designed pipe

OD: up to 600mm

Length: per customer's request

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