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Company manufactures various customized Copper lead strips(both in slit form and coil form).Flanged bearing material and Lead-free material.CuPb24Sn flanged engine materials and the CuSn6.5-0.3 multilayer metal bearings have passed the fatigue strength test conducted by Ministry of Railways Product Quality Examination Center.The test,by using UK Glacer,vandere 11L sapphire bearing fatigue strength examination machine,shows the actual fatigue strength over 150MPa,which means the quality reached the international advanced level.

.Material of steel back : we commonly adopt carbon structure steel plates with low carbon ,we can also adopt steel material according customers requests.

.Surface roughness of steel back: Ra0.63m

.Allowable deviation of thickness :Steel back :0.04mm   Total :0.03mm

. The metallography microstructure of copper lead alloy must accord to the National Automotive Industry Standards QC/T281-1999.

. Resistance to cutting of bronze layer from steel must be not less than 60MPa.

.Production scope :

Slit form : Thickness : 0.7mm-30.0mm , width :260mm

Coil form: Thickness : 1.5mm-4.0mm , width :80-180mm

.Main grades and chemical composition :


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