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  • Quanlity Control Dept.  Insurance
    NANSEN always stand from the customers' point of view. We do our best to control every procedure to reach the excelsior produce by the advanced product equipment, good quality management sysrem, therefore the degree of the loyalty in the heart of the customers can be promoted. 
    Control Laboratory

    Testing facilities can complete the microstructure analysis,chemical analysis various performance testing of aluminium  alloy,it can control effectively of the products and discover the problems,the handle it prop           


Impartation of the first/
certificate to NanSen

Quality is the main (motivating) force of all our activities.

In a modern business quality has become the prevailing factor for company efficiency.

We want to achieve a concept of total quality that is not just a technical characteristic of products. It makes us more successful on a more and more competitive market.

We want a satisfied customer.We want to convince them with products and services of the highest quality. For this purpose we use as a standard for quality management systems,We are also certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

We are also a supplier for the automotive industry so we are built and certified in accordance with ISO

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