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Aluminium ,Metal,Non-Ferrous, Industry:
In order to ensure the working process of our main production programmes which include the production of: foundry alloys; extrusion billets; slugs and discs ,Strip ,Coil.Foil.Pipe,Profiles ,evaporators and castings
is flowing smoothly, supporting production and service processes are enabled. The supporting production processes are: anode production and primary aluminium production.
We have the following workshops and equipment:
a- Smelting burner, refining furnace, and also have eight  sets of 700T presses.
b- Casting, Pre-Strenching machine,
c- Extrusion-lines that includes, Continuous rolling production line,Hot Rolling,Cold-Rolling,Refining-Rolling
d- Punch machines (sets), Press Machine
e- Anneal-furnace, Quenching furnace
f-  hot rolling production line is design and assemble
g- Electrophoresis and powder coating sections.
h- Tumble machine (3 sets),Shot blasting Machine
i- Industrial spin-drier (2 sets).
J- Cold room die-casting  machine< DCC160> < DCC280> < DCC630> <138>
k-Cnc<XH714B>, Grinding machine,lathe,
L-Horizontal Machining Center ,Vertical Machining Center,Gravity casting machine
m-Heat Treatment Furnace

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